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30/07/2015 - [RELEASE] NosTale In-Game Hack (Multitool)

Hi again!

Just had a free time to test some stuff and decided to help you guys with NosTale. This is a tool I made a long time ago but I thought about making a clean code from scratch and releasing to the public.


Features & commands:
Press F1 - Open bazar. You can publish items and buy items ANYWHERE.
Press  F2 - Upgrade equipment ANYWHERE (as if you were talking with Teoman).
Press  F3 - Improve rarity of equipment ANYWHERE (as if you were talking with Teodor).
Press  F4 - Mix resistances ANYWHERE (as if you were talking with Malcom).
Press  F5 - Add cellon to equipment ANYWHERE (as if you were talking with Soraya).
Press  F6 - Teleport to Krem (no gold required).
Press  F7 - Teleport to NosVille (no gold required).
Press  F8 - Act IV Ice flowers BOT. Press F8 ONCE to activate it, press again to turn it OFF. Delay of                        BOT is around 60.000 miliseconds to prevent ban.
Press  F9 - Open mate bag (max slots unlocked & ALLOWED)
Press  F10 - Open pet bag (max slots unlocked & ALLOWED)
Press  F11 - Show help.
Press  ESC - Revive after death QUICKLY.



- Release
- Ice Flowers BOT just working on ES server, will update tool to work on all servers. 

Missing MSVCR120.dll?

The END for people who did not donate, a HUGE step further for the ones who did.

Maybe is the time you people waited for. I am not going to fully explain what happened but the main reasons: One, for the statement received by Gameforge. Two, because I feel I do not have the required skills to go further and third and MOST important, studies.

All this has lead to my parting.

I will just try to improve my knowledge and maybe continue with the project in the future, but just as a matter of spending a good time.

  • Even so, I will contact the people who donated, ONE by ONE, email or web message, in order to GIVE FOR FREE each one of you A COPY OF MY NOSBURN FILES including instructions on how to set it up.

Why do I do this? Just to show a sample of forgiveness.
What do I expect? Just improve the server by yourselves, play and have fun.

I will remember until the last day how succesfull the server went and how I managed to, at least, give some people the opportunity to play it. Just want to say you both: bye and sorry.

Hope everyone understands me.

Image showing the files getting prepaired for DONATORS download.
I will contact you from NOW to 3 days.

21/12/2013 - [NosBurN] Big Update!

Guys I'm preparing for Christmas and GMs know it perfectly as Server has been ON just 2 or 3 days...

Whats the purpose? This:

  • Shops working for everyone ! (Still some bugs)
  • SP Cards few working, also by pressing "G" you transform ! (Also some bugs)
  • Fairies completely working ! Just buy them at the "Fairy Shop" !
  • TS (TimeSpace) nÂș1 of NosVille implemented ! (Big bug when you change map)
  • Automatic welcome message when you start game: Welcome to NosBurN!
  • Pearls pet item half-working, just some pets con be seen by other people. (Working on it)
  • Potions and Food not working...(Trying to get them to)


  • Santa has come to NosBurN !
  • NosBurN has snow everywhere !

Hope I finish it soon (feel confident)...


15/12/2013 - [NosBurN] News

I've been out for  week and now I have studies to work in... But be happy!

Christmas is very close and nosburn will think about opening a beta (nearly full) server for you to play :)


2 New GMs:

  • ~The~Slayer~
  • Nidhogg

  • Working on shops
  • Potions, raid boxes and those items do have effect now and are working.
  • SP CARDS! I successfully got to work one, now implementing code to all cards :) (Buying cards now in shop would be available and working) Also SP Cards have SP Points...

29/11/2013 - [NosBurN] Testing with [GM]WhitePearl

Feelling more and more confident about NosBurN release.

Now trying to implement shops :)


26/11/2013 - [NosBurN] Testing new implements...

Hi community! As u may know, GMs and me are testing server andI've finally decided to test new Implements:

  • SP Cards
  • Fairies
  • Wings
  • Pets
  • Family (Very little)

Here an image to show you:


22/11/2013 - [NosBurN] New GMs

By donating 10 EUROS, they got their GM Title including:

  • Access to the Server (Private Connection).
  • GM Commands.
  • Tutorial for connecting.


21/11/2013 - [Launcher] Update Version 2.3

NosBurN Launcher Updated to version 2.3 which includes:

  • Auto-Update ! (No need to click any URL and check if new version is available).

Click the button down to download it right now !


14/10/2013 - [New] Webpage for NosBurN

As everybody wanted and released a few days ago.. Finally there's a NosBurN Webpage (100% Working) where you can Chat, Download files and get acces to the lastest news about the server.



  • Download NosBurN
  • Download Launcher 2.2
  • Chat
  • News
  • Donate

Not Available at the moment (Working):

  • Register
  • Login

14/10/2013 - [Big Update] Launcher 2.2

Launcher has been updated to version 2.2 with the following updates:

-Simpler & Better design.
-Offline button deleted.
-Server info now loading correctly without the need of any offline image.
-Little bugs fixed.
-Properties edited (Copyrigh, version, etc).
-Launch progress speed increased.

Launcher gives you access to NosBurN's Official Webpage (New but you can not register at the moment).

Official NosBurN Webpage:


11/10/2013 - [NosBurN] Little Update

Rank has been implemented in-game (New PJs will start with Blue-NOS Rank)

Shine Effects Bugs fixed.


10/10/2013 - [WEB] Unfreeze

Webpage limit bandwidth restarted. 

Remember if you don't donate and bandwidth limit reaches, web will close again.



10/10/2013 - [NosBurN] Launcher 2.1

Launcher Updated to version 2.1... Also shown on my last YouTube Video.


18/09/2013 - [Ready] TEST

People with Acc created can connect to the server. This will let me know if is going fine and lag doesn't appear. JUST FOR TESTING, PEOPLE WHO DONT HAVE AN ACC, DONT PANIC !

Hamachi Connection for Testers (You are 30), I have to accept your connections one by one, thats why I'll prove if your acc was created or not.





Download NosBurN here:

Download Launcher 2.0 here:

18/09/2013 - [News] General Info - Myrddyn

1- Accounts Pre-Orders are closed now! Any message with ID & PASS will be ignored...

We've got some GM Accounts and Normal ones that are added to the server. We will try to edit GM ones now... Be patient for REGISTRATIONPAGE.

2- People asking for Launcher and Hamachi will be IP-blocked from this moment... I dont like people that don't read and pay attention.

3- NosBurN Details:

  • New PJs will start with Lv5 and 1kk.
  • Normal PJs Max level will be 99.
  • Paid-GM accounts maximum Level for their Pjs will be 180 (They will start with it).
  • SGM Accounts (Liderluigi & Myrddyn) will be Lv255, to make sure we are the creators
  • Accounts not used in 5 days will be Banned... to make sure EVERYONE can at least play.
  • Paid-GM Users will get a GM-Commands file. (A not GM Account CAN'T USE CODES, don't try :))

4- Donate to keep site Alive please :)
If site closes and downloads get frozen... I TOLD YOU.

17/09/2013 - [IMPORTANT] User Details

The registration site has a few problems, so while we fix it you can pre-order your account by sending your ID and Password desired to Liderluigi by email.


Just be patient, we are new with this... Hamachi Connections will be available soon.


17/09/2013 - [SERVER] Activity - Myrddyn

We will try to have servers up and running for members to try it. We have created 20 new Hamatchi Connections for you guys to connect (We'll check how lagg goes and we will create more).

  • 10 new Hamachi Connections for EU
  • 10 new Hamachi Connections for US

Be patient, a tutorial will be coming out soon!

14/09/2013 - [UPDATE] Small Implements.

Working with last things of the server and just implemented the shining effects for Items & Equipment...

  • Creating new BurN Shop... (Items that when used, create special shining effects and don't dissapear).
  • Lv95 Equipment will have different shining effect (BurN Effect) when upgraded than the rest.

Here's an example of an Item of the BurN Shop:

12/09/2013 - [NEW] Forum Available!

  • Added "Recent Topics" in News Page.
  • Created Forum for you to discuss, ask and talk about whatever you want.
  • An account is required in order to get access!

12/09/2013 - [Sorry] Difficulties with Webpage.


As I don't pay for having this website, my Bandwidth reached its limit few days ago and it automaticly resets after a month -.- I'll try do my best having the website online and I would really appreciate any donation :)


These days I've been recieving some threatening emails and messages from other people like: "ernilos" saying to stop my server or he will crash it -.- THATS WHY , to prevent any damage and crash to OUR server, it MUST be online through Hamachi Connections and not through internet...

DO NOT PANIC ! I'll create as much connections as possible for you guys :P


The Registerpage can be easily hacked and probably a good programmer could connect to my dabatase. I'll try to do my best to find a solution.


My best regards!


06/09/2013 - [NEW] Launcher 2.0

Continue working on the server and just created new Launcher 2.0 and added it's download box on the Registerpage (not online for the moment).

Server will be ON very soon :)


22/08/2013 - [NosBurN] New Items?

What does NosBurN brings now? New Items. There are quite known but their function is not the same as in the Gameforge one.

This Gold Mineral's price is 10kk in any market.

Dropped by: High-Powered Bosses

This Gold Coin's price is 5kk in any market.

Dropped by: Middle-Powered Bosses


19/08/2013 - [NEW] "Premium Features" Section

"LIDER" Section has now changed name to: "Premium Features" as it will include:

  • Become LIDER.
  • Become GM for NosBurN.

18/08/2013 - [IMPORTANT] BIG NosBurN Update

I've been recently working on the server this summer but also need som free time...

NosBurN Downloads and etc. had been deleted and the final release will be on September as I said.


-Click on PJs has no bugs anymore.

-Attacks Freezing Bug fixed.

-Equipment Abnormal Stats fixed.

-No disconecting, less lag.


-Change Job (Mimi Mentor).

-More Items in Shops (Costumes included).

-More GM commands.

-SPs working just by GM command (at least SPs start to run).

-Max Level: 255

-Full Mobs in 4 more Maps.


-Non-Hamachi (Wifi Port)




-Having fun!


XP = 2

JOB XP = 2

DROP = 1

GOLD = 10

All SPs, All Lv95 EQ, Costumes and more...

10/07/2013 - [NEW] NosBurN Official RegisterPage !

Just created a new Official NosBurN PageWeb ! For the moment is just to register and read some news but I'll improve it temporarily :)

To connect you have to imput this URL on your Explorer:



07/07/2013 - [NosBurN Updates] Shops Items !

Added new Items in shops and corrected other bugs related to them :)

Added SPs 5th and 6th !!!

All Equipment 90+

Continue of Equipment 90+

Equipment High Level (55-80)

06/07/2013 - [Another Day] On NosBurN

Just to add some photos, currently there are some events:)

04/07/2013 - [NosBurN Launcher] A Must-Have

I just created a NosBurN Launcher with the following features:

  • Know if the WorldServer or LoginServer is ON/OFF (MUST-HAVE).
  • Start NosBurN directly from the Launcher.

04/07/2013 - [NEW] Hamachi Connections

Added new Hamachi Connections as there are more than 70 people and I can't afford more bacause of lag... Remember is still BETA !



(Same Passwords)

04/07/2013 - [Congratz!] First day of play!

Today there have been so many players connected to the server... As is BETA there have beeen some bugs but mainly there are solved and know what they are caused by. Here I give u a photo of Lulu (Top 1 connected player) and Ice (Server helper and probably GM someday).

02/07/2013 - [NosBurN] BETA Files!

Just uploaded a new video on YouTube where there is a simple overview of the server. Whereas in the description there's a URL to download the Guide and NosBurN files to connect in a total of 6 steps !

PD: There are only 25 spaces of accounts so be quick and download the file !!

Thanks for all people and remember the server is still BETA :)


02/07/2013 - [NosBurN Improvements]  100% Completed things.

Game is still BETA but Items and equipment in game are completed now! (100%)
Skills have come and are at least 50% done and SPs 15% worked.
Finally GM commands are better and improved :)

Visit NosBurN Section for more info :)

24/06/2013 - [New Video] Just Uploaded a New Video on YouTube.

The video is basically a Trailer/Intro for NosBurN (NosTale Private Server).

Next days I'll upload the Steps to follow to register and download the files.

Hope you like it people! :)

You can fin this video on YouTube (Liderluigi) or in NosTale PrivateServer Section of this PageWeb.


20/06/2013 - [Liderluigi Tool Update 2.0] New Hacks and better quality.


As the Tool has been downloaded 200+ times and it was just  a simple project, I decided to improve it with more hacks, images and icons and better quality, for you guys :)


20/06/2013 - [Fix] Android Hacks Links.

I'm very sorry for some people that found issues when trying to download from the Android Section. Problems with links are solved now, thanks for the pacience!


09/06/2013 - [Update] Hacks section has been updated at least an 80%.

The "Hacks" Section has been recently updated including mostly iOS Hacks and some Android ones. We're very satisfied with the creation of the PageWeb and we'll try improvit the better as possible !


09/06/2013 - [Games Bot] Little VB From made to work as a keybot.


08/06/2013 - [Liderluigi Tool] Here a little tool to download just 4 of my games hacks. 


08/06/2013 - New PageWeb for you people !

The discomfort of YouTube of passing from one video to another just to download the hacks or taking an eye on my recent updates has convinced me to take the decision of opening my OWN and personal page web with the next features:

  • Easier way to download the Hacks.
  • Membership to take the advantage of getting LIDER (VIP) Hacks.
  • News and Updates.
  • Posibility of request me games Hacks.
  • Much more !



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