Modding & Hacking



Advantages of becoming a LIDER

  • Become Administrator of the WebPage.
  • [LID] mark next to your name.
  • Access to the Web Editor.
  • Help other users to easily solve their          problems.
  • Get BETA Files & Premium Hacks. 

GM Members


Advantages of becoming a GM

  • Become GM (GameMaster) on                  NosBurN.
  • Complete file with all GM                           commands.
  • Help other Players to have fun with the      server and solve their problems.
  • Get BETA Files and Premium Updates      from the Server.

Become MOD in few Steps

Not available.


Would like to be a GM?

Have you ever dreamed of being GM and use the special codes for spawning monters, creating items, transforming to anything, etc ?

At least every MMO player has, and today NosBurN is waiting for you!

GMs job is to be helpful and to help other players, it is supposed that the use of special commands is not for fun... In this server, GMs are needed 50% to help people and 50% have fun with them.


  1. GMs must connect at least 1 hour a day.
  2. They must help other players but most important to have fun.
  3. Any doubts, contact the Administrators (email or webpage).

Not available anymore, sorry.

Administrators will send you an email asking you for your Account details to make it GM :)